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21 June 2018

World’s Largest Pyramid Unearthed from a Mountain in Mexico – The Great Pyramid of Cholula

Pyramids always make all of us curious, right? It might be because of its shapes and massive structures. People across the globe talks a lot about the Egyptian Pyramids, mostly about the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Even lots of people still believe that the world’s largest pyramid is “The Great Pyramid of Giza”. But, it’s completely wrong and that prestigious title has goes to the “Great Pyramid of Cholula” and it was an ancient Aztec temple in Puebla, Mexico. This world’s largest pyramid’s base size is four times bigger than Giza and double the Volume.

This World’s largest pyramid “The Great Pyramid of Cholula” was completely unknown and hidden under a self-made by the pyramid for centuries. Archaeologists believe that it was built in around 300 BC by multiple Aztec communities to worship the ancient God “Quetzalcoatl”. This pyramid is also known as “Tlachihualtepetl” in folk language which means “Man made Mountain”.

The Great Pyramid of Cholula was constructed with Adobe brick, a type which was made out of baked mud in six layers built on top of each over different generations. Each time when a layer was completed, construction of the massive structure was taken back up by new group of workers from succeeding generations.

The pyramid actually hidden under layers of dirt, making it look like real Mountain rather than a pyramid used for worship. Due to the pyramid veiled under the mountain created by itself; that famed Spanish explorer “Hernan Cortes” completely unidentified the massive structure hidden underneath and without knowing this sacred truth he built a church on top of the mountain which resembles like pyramid.

The world’s pyramid – The Pyramid of Cholula has a base size of 450 X 450 meters (1480 X 1480 feet), this size in fact 4 times the size of Egyptians “The Great Pyramid of Giza”. The height of the pyramid is roughly 66 meters (217 feet) tall, and total volume is approximately 4.45 million cubic meters (17 million cubic feet) at the same time the volume of other Great Pyramid of Giza is just around 2.5 million cubic meters (88.2 million cubic feet). But as far as the height is concern the “Great Pyramid of Giza” is taller through, at 146 meters (481 feet) high.

The World’s Largest Pyramid and the Church on the Top

The place was worshiped by the ancient Aztecs for more than 1000 years before they abandoned this “Great Pyramid of Cholula” around 7th & 8th century CE without any clear reason and they moved to a new & smaller place nearby. During the time of worship, the pyramid was decorated in red, black and yellow insets. But, after stopping the maintenance job; the mud brick where helps to provide nutrients to all kind of tropical greenery. After abandoning this worshipping site by the Aztecs they moved to a newer place and built their new pyramid temple for worship. But, unfortunately, the Spaniard soldiers under the control of Spanish explorer “Hernan Cortes” had destroyed the new pyramid temple completely without any traces of the structures. But the Great Pyramid of Cholula has luckily survived without any destruction or damage under the self-made mountain.

Invasion of the Spaniards

The Spanish explorer “Hernan Cortes” and his soldiers arrived in Cholula in October 1519 around 18 centuries after the world’s largest pyramid- the Great Pyramid of Cholula was constructed. The Spaniards brutally butchered around 3000 people in an hour and the death toll was around 10% of the entire population of Aztecs communities and destroyed many religious structures and other monuments. But, the Spaniards could never ever touch or seen the Great Pyramid of Cholula. Eventually in 1594, after settling in the city and claiming the place their own, the Spaniards built a church – La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Los Remedios (Our Lady of Remedies Church) on the right top of the pyramid mountain.

One thing not clear yet is that the Aztecs knew these Adobe bricks trick to help for growing plants and trees over it and eventually the whole massive structure would be buried under itself and resembles like a mountain rather than a pyramid to survive the divine structure.

What is great about ‘Great Pyramid of Cholula’?

What is great to know is that ‘Great Pyramid of Cholula’ is not only the largest pyramid, but also it retains the title of being the largest monument ever constructed by human civilization on earth till this date. Also, it is quite interesting to know that this pyramid was not discovered until 1900 when the archeologists started to explore it creating series of tunnels stretching 8 kilometers in length to give them access. Now over 2300 years after its initial construction, the site has now become a must-visit tourist destination.

World’s Largest Pyramid Unearthed from a Mountain in Mexico - The Great Pyramid of Cholula
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World’s Largest Pyramid Unearthed from a Mountain in Mexico - The Great Pyramid of Cholula
The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the world's largest pyramid which was buried under a mountain with tropical greenery made by the Pyramid itself in Mexico.
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