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21 June 2018

Puma Punku One of the Bolivian Ancient Mysteries!

Puma Punku in Bolivia is a big temple compound situated close to the prominent archaeological site Tiwanacu. The origin and creators of this magnificent architectural structure is unknown and unexplained for scientists and archeologists, but based on some of the advanced technologies like carbon dating on some organic materials excavated near by the ancient ruins unveils that the complex and massive structures have been built by an ancient empire of Tiwanaku – one of the advanced civilizations existed before the Inca civilization which was emerged between 300 AD and 1000 AD.

The important and captivating parts about Puma Punku none other than its majestic stonework. Each and every stone block used to construct this magnificent structure was huge and weighing several tons. Two type’s stones were used to create this structure such as red sandstone and andesite. The stones blocks were cut in such a way that they precisely fit into and get locked with one another without even using mortar. The perfection and the proper alignment of each and every stone block is mind blogging because not even our current sophisticated technology for cutting stone could do such perfect types of cutting on stone these days. The big question is still not answered by the scientists and archeologists how these people get this work done during the time there were no proper writing systems in place and even wheels were not discovered.

Puma Punku
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The stones were used for the construction of the site were massive in size. The biggest of the stone blocks at the site is 27 feet long and 17 feet width and thickness of about 4 feet and approximately weigh around 150 metric tons.  Such massive blocks were transported from two quarries situated 10 kilometers and 90 kilometers away from the site and supplied sandstone and andesite respectively. How these incredible builders from this magnificent civilization transported such massive stones is a big question for today’s civilization because it was the time when wheels were not discovered and not even horses were domesticated anywhere in the American continents.

Some evidence also shows that Puma Punku was not built by the Tiwanaku Empire, but by an unknown civilization which was technologically more advanced than any other civilization lived in this world. And some argue that the current findings on the dating using carbon dating may be not correct due to wrong or contaminated samples were chosen for the test. Some also, believe that Puma Punku has been built with the help of Aliens from other planets.

Picture Courtesy – Unexplained Mysterious

The complex is in complete ruins today with huge blocks of granite lying around on top of each other. The site appears to have been destroyed by an earthquake, perhaps accompanied by a tidal wave from Lake Titicaca.

The Puma Punku complex compound is completely destroyed and you could see only ruins of this massive and magnificent structure with huge blocks of granite scattered everywhere. According to the archeologists and scientists, the site has been devastated due to some natural calamities like an earthquake and possibly the earthquake accompanied by the tidal wave from the Lake Titicaca.

Puma Punku One of the Bolivian Ancient Mysteries!
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Puma Punku One of the Bolivian Ancient Mysteries!
Puma Punku is an ancient ruin of magnificent and massive structure built by an unknown civilization who lived in Bolivia. Nobody knows how it was built.
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