Thursday, 21st June 2018
21 June 2018
Kaziranga National Park

More than 50 Poachers were Gunned Down at Kaziranga National Park!

Guards in this National Park were trained to gun down and kill poachers; to protect Indian one-horned rhinos in the park.

This is to realize the fact that if humans will continue their approach against the wild animals in this way will eradicate almost all the magnificent species like Rhinos and Elephants from our planet in no time. The exponential growth and demand for the Ivory increased the illegal poaching activities in many regions across the globe. Some studies reveal that if the intensity of the illegal elephant poaching would continue in Africa in this way then the African Elephants will be extinct from the earth completely forever within next 10 years. Because of these realizations, the authorities in a national park in India ordered to shoot the poachers at sight before asking questions.

According to the BBC report, the “shoot-at-sight” order to the forest rangers from the top authorities of “Kaziranga National Park” in India is to protect the endangered Rhinoceroses from the illegal poachers.

Allegedly, every person that was gunned down was after rhino horn. The horn of a rhino can be sold for as much as $6,000 for 100g and along these lines, is extensively more costly than gold. The mythical ‘enchanted properties’ of it, be that as it may, are to a great extent overstated. Rhino horn is to a great extent made out of keratin, an indistinguishable material from your fingernails. As such, it’s not worth killing a rhino to get.

At the point when the Kaziranga National Park was initially established around a century ago, very less number of Indian one-horned rhinoceros were protected. Today, the National Park has more than 2,400 Rhinos, which is 66% of the total Rhino population across the globe. What really matters to few people, in any case, is that more people were shot dead by the Kaziranga National Park’s guards in 2015 than rhinos were by poachers.

Kaziranga National Park Assam
Picture Courtesy – Reuters File Photo

While animal rights activists should seriously mull over that something to celebrate, not everybody is excessively excited about the number of mounting bodies – local people, particularly. It’s actual that all who were executed were poachers, yet a few local people (fundamentally tribal) have been harmed. In one occasion, a handicapped kid herding cows was shot.

In any case, the Kaziranga National Park guards are prepared to shoot and kill any individual who may endeavor to kill an Indian rhino for its horn. Avdesh, who works as an officer in the Kaziranga National Park, disclosed to The BBC:

“The direction is at whatever point you see the poachers or hunters, we ought to start our guns and hunt them.”

“Order to shoot them at sight”. At whatever point you see the poachers or any individuals amid night time we are ordered to shoot them,” he included.

Avdesh has never killed anyone in his four years guarding, however, knows there will be few if any outcomes in the event that he did.

The chief of the Kaziranga National Park, Dr. Satyendra Singh, says it’s so black & white. He stated,

“In the first place, we warn them – who are you? In any case, on the off chance that they turn to terminating we need to kill them. To begin with, we try to arrest them, so we get the information, what are the linkages, who are others in the posse?”

Kaziranga National Park Guard
Picture Courtesy – Quartz Media File Photo

By group, he’s alluding to nearby villagers who help men with firearms from neighboring states get into the Kaziranga National Park. Upwards of 300 local people are included in poaching, he accepts, because of the draw of exchanging rhino horn.

There’s no contending that this method for securing the rhinos is effective, yet is it going too far to save an endangered species?

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More than 50 Poachers were Gunned Down at Kaziranga National Park!
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More than 50 Poachers were Gunned Down at Kaziranga National Park!
Kaziranga National Park in India is the dwelling place for more than two third of world Rhino population. Shoot at sight order given to the Guards by the higher authorities of the Kaziranga National Park against the illegal Poachers in the National Park and now more than 50 Poachers were killed till date.
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